SleepyLou Sleep Story Reviews

Reviews from happy parents and kids!


Sleeping in own bed now! 

Omg these stories are amazing! I haven’t had Ivy in my bed for the last five nights now! I cannot thank you enough for these! Ivy gave me strict instructions that she would like to try the unicorn stories next. She is very excited for them. They also are both eager to get to bed now as it’s a bit exciting for them to have an iPad in their room at bedtime, even with the screen off! 

Courtney, via Instagram



Asleep in no time!

My boys (7 and 4) have always listened to some chilled music at bedtime but we were getting a bit bored of the same playlists and they weren't settling as quickly as usual. Cue, SleepyLou. They are relaxed, quiet and asleep in no time. The underwater stories are glorious. Can't wait to try some others too!

Melody, Facebook Review 


Asleep in 9 minutes

My 4 and 6-year-old fell asleep in 9 minutes listening to the amazing sleepylou. I felt underwater adventure was not only relaxing and calming but it had some excitement and learning in there as well. I highly recommend making sleepylou part of your night time routine. 

Sheridan, Facebook Review 


Definitely recommend

We have had great success listening to SleepyLou stories at bedtime. Both kids (5 and 7) are asleep well before the end of the story each night. The stories are relaxing and calming. I would definitely recommend!

Sarah, Facebook Review 


Amazing success

My kids have all had amazing success falling to sleep with SleepyLou stories. They are a guaranteed method of getting my kids ages 5, 8 and 11 all off to sleep. We're anxiously awaiting the next series!

Sam, Facebook Review


Such a better night sleep

My 5yo has loved the SleepyLou ninja and unicorn stories and has had such a better night sleep.

Lori, Facebook Review 


Absolutely love it!

We have been using SleepyLou's underwater adventure stories before bed and absolutely love it! Such a relaxing, calming and gentle way to finish off the bedtime routine and encourage peaceful sleep. Thank you so much!

Kylee, Facebook Review


Bedtime SO much easier

My kids have loved listening to the underwater and unicorn stories. It has made bedtime SO much easier as they actually look forward to getting in to bed to settle down and listen!  I've just bought the 2nd unicorn story and can't wait to get the Amazon one when it's ready - my son will love it!

Louise, Facebook Review 


A beautiful story

My daughter had the first good night's sleep in days after listening to SleepyLou's Underwater Adventures story. A beautiful story told by a lovely, generous lady who obviously very much wants to help people. Thank you Louise.

My daughter said Louise's soothing voice helped take her outside her head to a calm place where it was OK to sleep.

Belinda, Facebook Review



Fantastic! My 8 year old really struggles with unwinding at night and going to sleep takes an hour upward every night.

I downloaded Underwater Adventure part 1 tonight, and she didn’t make it to the end of the story. THANK YOU!!! 🙌🙌

Jenni, Facebook Review


Our best bedtimes

SleepyLou’s underwater adventures has been a blessing for my 6 and 7 year old. My eldest has always fought sleep yet this story calms and relaxes him. We’ve had some of our best bedtimes since listening to it each night.

Rachael, Facebook Review


Falls asleep quicker

My son loves the underwater stories and I’m finding that he falls asleep quicker and sleeps more soundly throughout the night. I love that the stories are very creative and also very relaxing with lots of body stretches to relax busy minds and bodies.

Renae, Facebook Review


Makes them feel safe

I highly recommend these sleepy stories for yr kids. Makes them feel safe, happy and relaxed to go to sleep.

Christine, Facebook Comment


Request them every night

Just wanted to let you know that the kids love the stories. My 2 yr old falls asleep quite easily and pretty quickly listening to the unicorn stories. She really enjoys the breathing in and out using her hands/ arms lol. And my 9 and 11 yr old step sons fall asleep listening to the Amazon stories. They love them and request them every night they're here. Thank you x

Christy, Facebook Message