Happier bedtimes. Happier parents.


Stop the bedtime battles with audio stories that kids love to fall asleep with. For anxious kids, hyperactive kids, ADHD kids, 'I hate bedtime' kids and 'just one more story' kids! These unique stories put your child at the centre of the action, slowly lead them into sleep and teach calming and self-confidence skills along the way!


Tested and proven on kids ages 3-12. Created and performed by Clinical Hypnotherapist Louise White. 



What happy parents say about SleepyLou Sleep Stories:

Who are Sleep Stories for?

Tired kids, grumpy kids, anxious kids or kids that just wont stay in bed! 


Sleep should be easy. It's natural! Yet so many kids never learn to do it well, or maybe they forget in times of stress. Perhaps you've tried audio books - they're too fast paced and exciting for sleep. Meditations - they're too boring for many kids. SleepyLou adventurous sleep stories are the solution.


Each story puts the listener at the centre of the action. Woven into the stories are the skills of emotional resilience, self calming, bravery, patience and much more. Don't worry, they wont even notice that it's helping them, they'll be too engrossed in their own adventure as they're gradually led into a very relaxed state, and then into sleep. Try them and you'll see, just how easy sleep can be!