About SleepyLou Sleep Stories

About Sleep Stories

Sleep stories are an exciting yet soothing way to help your kids have a better bedtime and a better tomorrow. They're not just for improving sleep (though they definitely do that, as you can see from the many positive reviews), they also teach invaluable life lessons, like how to self-calm, patience and emotional resilience.

Perhaps you've tried audio books - they're too fast paced and exciting for sleep. Meditations - they're too boring for many kids. SleepyLou adventurous sleep stories are just right for bedtime. Each story puts the listener at the centre of the action. But woven into the action are the skills of emotional resilience, self calming, bravery, patience and much more. Don't worry, they wont even notice that it's helping them, they'll be too engrossed in their own adventure as they're gradually led into a very relaxed state, and then into sleep. Try them and you'll see, just how easy sleep can be!


About Louise White

Hi. I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Hypnotherapy clinic in beautiful Launceston, Tasmania. I created SleepyLou to help the many children and teens that came to me for help managing their bedtime stress, confidence issues and anxiety. In my Hypnotherapy practise I see clients for stress, anxiety, confidence, phobias, bad habits and much more. I'm a mum to two very energetic boys who've had their own sleep issues in the past. They are my willing testers for every new sleep story (and they don't mind giving critical feedback!).


If you'd like to contact me, to ask questions or share feedback (or even discuss a collaboration), you can find me at the following place:

Email: sleepylou@awakenhypnosis.com

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My Hypnotherapy clinic in Launceston, Tasmania: www.awakenhypnosis.com

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