Sometimes sleep is about control

What do kids want? Control! When do they want it? Now! Getting kids to sleep can be a battle that frays your nerves and eats into your Netflix time, pushing your own bedtime back further and leading to exhaustion and stress for you.

Some kids want more control over their lives, and one way they gain control is by staying awake even when they're exhausted! 

Here's an easy way to give them what they want (control!) and give you what YOU want (a quick and easy bedtime)!

Kids with a choice of Sleep Stories are often much more enthusiastic about bedtime. Some kids find a favourite story and listen to it every night,  while others love to jump around from one series to the next. 

There are two great value ways to build your library of stories.

  • A SleepyLou subscription gives you access to all of the content, and is just $5 AUD a month. Content is added regularly and you can cancel it anytime if you no longer need it.
  • Or, you can buy Sleep Story collections individually - there are Unicorn, Ninja, Merfolk, Underwater,  Amazon Rainforest and Seasonal adventures, with more on the way.

To  subscribe monthly, or buy a series, just go to the Web App and tap on any story tab that isn't marked as 'Free'. You'll then see the list of options for buying or subscribing.

If you need any sleep advice for your kids, or you have feedback, you can reach me at